Maximum Grip Polymeric Non-Skid Additive for Paint

AsperGrit Resources

Asper Grit particles are polymeric granules for non-skid applications where maximum asperity and traction is the goal. While most other polymer based non-skid additives are based on relatively soft polyethylene waxes, Asper Grit was selected from a thermoset polymer family that is known for its hardness and toughness. It is an excellent alternative to traditional sand as it does not contain free crystalline silica. It also weighs less than sand so it doesn’t settle as quickly when pre-mixed with paints.

Asper Grit is ground using a proprietary method that creates its unique, angular, particle shape. Asper Grit is a clear particle, so it can be used with ANY color paint. The image above is an actual sample of Asper Grit in a white enamel floor paint. The US Dime is shown for a size comparison.

Asper Grit comes in a variety of sizes. One pint and one quart sifters are available for broadcast applications.