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Customer Testimonials

I like to mention new products that I come across and offer them up to you, especially if it is better than what is currently out there, and that is exactly the case with SoftSand Rubber particles.

— Andy Miller, owner,

Rockport Marine

We evaluated SoftSand Rubber particles with both enamels and two part urethane paints. We were amazed at how much easier it is to clean the non-skid surface when we used SoftSand particles instead of the conventional plastic beads. We were so impressed that we decided to use these rubber particles exclusively for non-skid on our decks.

— Aaron Johnson, Paint Supervisor, Rockport Marine

John Lowe

I used SoftSand rubber particles on the foredeck and gunnels on my 1979 Fortier 26. I'm impressed with how well it is holding up under very heavy use - lots of bass fishing. The non-skid does not hold dirt or blood and is easy on the feet.

— John Lowe, Board of Directors, SAMS

SoftSand Provides Non-Slip Surface for Dog Agility Equipment

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We have a testimonial for you with regard to the use of Coarse Grade Soft Sand rubber particles used to make a non-slip surface for dog agility equipment. I've enclosed several snapshots of our dog — Freckles — using our just finished Teeter-Totter (or See-Saw) obstacle coated with Coarse Grade particles and painted with Behr Outdoor Paint. The particles were broadcast on wet paint. The board is a construction grade 2" x 2" x 12' that has two cleats holding it to the 1 ½" schedule 40 PVC pipe frame. The use rate was 1 pt. coarse grade particles for 12 square feet of Teeter-Totter board. The particles were top-coated once. All paint was applied by brush.

We've constructed several dog agility obstacles for use in training our 2 ½ year old English Springer Spaniel - Freckles. She has competed here in Arkansas as well as in Mississippi and Florida and has been successful in winning ribbons and awards. Daily training is important and so our backyard agility course allows for practice in between her weekly training classes.

We spent a great deal of time trying to find a product that would provide a non-slip surface for our dog on the Teeter-Totter. Your SoftSand Rubber particles made the top of the Teeter-Totter into a wonderful non-slip surface. Freckles moves up and down the board with ease and is sure-footed. SoftSand Rubber worked extremely well.

— David & Bernadette, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Bellair Condominium — Daytona Beach

Bellair Bellair deck

The 2004 hurricane season took a hard toll on the Bellair Condominium in Daytona Beach, Florida. Damage to the roof, skin, and walkways of the building left the building susceptable to water intrusion.

R&J Coatings and Waterproofing, Inc. was selected for the restoration project.

SoftSand Rubber particles were utilized to restore the decking of all the walkways and balconies. (shown right) This unique rubber decking which should provide years of maintenance free waterproofing, as well as an attractive finish.

Sailing the Great Lakes with SoftSand Rubber...

Dolphin Dream Dolphin Dream

Following is a note from a satisfied customer:

“I promised to send photos of the finished sailboat deck where I used SoftSand Rubber product. After the deck was taped off, we rolled on about 4-5 sq. ft of Awlgrip marine paint and sprinkled the SoftSand particles using a shaker. The shaker had holes that were about 1/16" diameter (larger than a salt shaker). After the SoftSand was applied and the Awlgrip dried, a second layer of Awlgrip was rolled on. The surface is quite agressive but this is how I like it on the deck! ”

— Mr. Peter Polasek, Grosse Pointe, Michigan (on Lake St. Clair)

Bahamas Yacht Charter Vessel — Dolphin Dream

Dolphin Dream Dolphin Dream Dolphin Dream

Following is an e-mail from a satisfied customer:

“The Dolphin Dream is an 86' x 26' ocean expedition trawler yacht, designed to ride the sea in comfort, safety and style. To provide our guests a soft but non-skip desk surface, I use white SoftSand rubber particles and an inexpensive acrylic floor paint.

I’ve used other non-skid products including those that use ground black tire rubber. These may provide a non-skid surface, but the rubber appears as black dots as the coating starts to wear. Colored SoftSand rubber particles eliminate this problem, providing safe, non-skid surface that wears well and looks elegant.”

— Captain Scott Smith